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2015 6/23 1
How many desiccant bags you need for your products? Different products need different amount of desiccant. We need consider the packaging size of your product. In a strict sense, in addition to consider the packaging size of your products, we need also to consider characteristics of packaging materials, time of your cargo spent on transportation and storage , besides, we need also to take the ambient temperature and humidity, as well as packaging,
2020 11/25
Causes of cake mildew   Moldy is the most common quality problem of cakes. Moldy cakes will not only bring huge economic losses to the enterprise, but also damage our health if eaten with moldy cakes, especially when these molds produce toxic toxins. . So, what are the reason
2020 11/25
Common qualitative changes after pharmaceutical absorb moisture? Which medicines are more susceptible to moisture?   Humidity, temperature, light and other factors can all promote the deterioration and failure of medicines. Among all the factors, humidity has the most serious impact on medicines.  The following qualitative changes often occur after drugs pharmaceutical
2020 11/25
Oxidizing Browing   Oxidizing browning is a common phenomenon in food. The so-called browning refers to the phenomenon of food darkening or browning after processing, storage and damage. The common food browning phenomena in our daily life, such as apples, potatoes and eg
2020 11/25
Analysis of "oil rancidity" of food spoilage   Grease is a general term for oil and grease. Those that are liquid at room temperature are oil, and those that are solid are grease.  "Food fat rancidity" refers to foods containing fats, which undergo changes in sensory properties such as disc
2020 11/25
Conditions of Mildew Growth   Mold belongs to the microorganism, although it's one of the lowest living things, it's like any other living things, in the process of life activities, there is a close relationship with the surrounding environment. Mold growth mainly depends o
2020 11/25
Why should used Oxygen absorber in ham sausage?     Ham sausage is a cooked meat product with high protein content and rich nutrition. The shelf life of ham sausage is often shortened due to microbial or oxidation problems during transportation, sales and storage. After being contaminate...
2017 3/6 15
Why the goods in the ocean container got wet? As a safe, economy way of transportation, ocean container is well welcomed by most exporters. But they sometimes encountered the wet problem; goods were damaged by the moisture in the container. While not every time. Some exporter fined it normal the previous five, but the sixth time very seriously damaged.
2017 2/28 9
Why the clothes got mildewed? Have you ever be troubled that your white clean shirt got some black mildew spots or bad odors? In rainy season, it is even worse. Why the clothes got mildewed? The main reasons are the following below:
2015 6/23 2
The feature of all kinds of desiccants and their application Desiccant also called desiccant packets, moisture absorber, and moisture adsorbent. The most common desiccants are silica gel desiccant, clay desiccant, calcium chloride desiccant, molecular sieve desiccant and others.