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2014 12/11
What is desiccant? Does desiccant useful? Desiccant also known anti- moisture agent, dry pack, moisture absorbents.As the name suggests, desiccant is used for prevent from moisture damage. For example, the silica gel dry bag absorbs the moisture in the food package thus can extend the shelf life of foods. Desiccant mainly used for static adsorption in a sealed space to control the relative humidity .It is widely used in garments, footwear
2014 12/11
Does the silica gel desiccant harmful? What if my children ate them? Silica gel desiccant is non-toxic, tasteless, and non-polluting. It is chemical stable; almost do not react with anything. Silica gel desiccant is the only desiccant approved by FDA that can directly contact with foods, medicines. +But we usual see the letter “do not eat “on the packet. What if we ate the silica gel desiccant?