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2020 11/25
Does mold in food need oxygen to grow?   Microorganisms can be divided into three categories according to their oxygen requirements:  1. Obligate aerobic bacteria, it can only grow under aerobic conditions.  2. Obligate anaerobe, it grows only in the absence of oxygen.  3. Facultative aerobic b
2020 11/25
Oxygen absorber was used, why food still goes bad during shelf life?   The possible reasons are as follows:  (1)The selected Oxygen absorber quality is not stable, and the type of Oxygen absorber is not suitable for this product.  (2)The material of the food packaging bag does not meet the requirements. The oxygen permeabil
2015 6/23 1
What are oxygen absorbers? oxygen absorbers or oxygen scavengers are not a food additive .They are added to enclosed packaging to help remove or decrease the level of oxygen in the package. Thus to help maintain the food safety and extend the shelf life.
2015 6/23 1
What is container rain? Container rain is condensation that forms on the ceiling of a cargo container and drips onto the cargo causing moisture damage.
2015 6/23 1
what is a unit desiccant? A “Unit” refers to the Military Specification for packaging of desiccants. The term unit is a quantity of desiccant, which will absorb a set percentage of its weight at certain levels of humidity.
2015 6/23 1
How to test the silica gel desiccant specification? tare of the silica gel desiccant bag, take the silica gel beads tightly in your hands. If your palm feels hot, then the silica gel desiccant is work.