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Every day, Chun Wang desiccant are at your service.18 years of efforts, Chunwang desiccants had successfully served thousands of customers and industries. Our customer service often receives customers' messages: "My client nominate Chunwang desiccant, how to buy?" or” my friend recommended me use your desiccant, what is the price?  “Chunwang Company hereby thanks for our customers trust. We will continue our efforts to better service.

Testing equipmentTesting equipment

Humidity Chamber:
Rapid Moisture Tester
                    Mainly used in testing desiccant adsorption in different environments
(moisture absorption rate)
                    Mainly used for rapid measurement moisture content of desiccant and other adsorbent

Analytical Balances
E lectric vacuum drying oven
Mainly used for accurate analysis of desiccant other adsorbents
Mainly used for baking desiccant, humidity indicator cards and other products

RoHS detector:
Dust-free workshop
The main instrument for the detection of RoHS
Mainly used to control dust, temperature and humidity, bacteria, to ensure product quality, suitable for the production of pharmaceutical desiccant

Team ServicesTeam Services

Moisture risk assessment

Moisture proof solution

Desiccant using guide