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Car Lamp Desiccant

Product category:Calcium chloride desiccant
Raw material:calcium chloride
Packaging material:Tymek
Heat seal:Heat sealed on all sides
Packing: 1000 packets/carton

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    Raw material

    Using high quality calcium chloride as raw material, its moisture absorption rate>200% ( Temperature=60°C & RH=90%)


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    High-quality packaging material

    The packaging material used in this product is "tymek", which has the characteristics of dust-proof, no wrinkle when baked at 120℃, anti-aging and other characteristics


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    Before and after moisture absorption

    The raw material is white powder before absorbing moisture, and it becomes solid after absorbing moisture, so that the absorbed moisture is firmly locked and will not leak.


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    It is mainly used for Car Lamps drying, but also for other types of lamps


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    Moisture absorption performance test of car lamp desiccant

    According to the data obtained by testing in a thermostatic and humidity test chamber, its maximum moisture absorption rate can reach 210.31% ( Temperature=40°C & RH=90%)



    1.Technical standard of this product:

    1)Moisture absorption rate:>200% ( Temperature=60°C & RH=90%)

    2)Ratio of calcium in raw materials: ≧74%

    3)High temperature baking test:After baking at high temperature, the surface of the desiccant packet is free from damage and water seepage.

    4)Corrosion:Do not contact with iron, otherwise it will cause rust.

    5)Applicable humidity range:55%RH~100%RH

    6)Applicable temperature range: -40℃~85℃



    9)High and low temperature test:No penetration or rupture of the sample after being kept at -40℃ or 85℃ for 48H


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