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Why the clothes got mildewed?

Source:desiccant.chun-wang.comEditor:chunwangPV:-Date:2017-02-28 09:53【L M S

  Have you ever be troubled that your white clean shirt got some black mildew spots or bad odors? In rainy season, it is even worse. Why the clothes got mildewed? The main reasons are the following below:

  1. Mould is the main cause of mildew in garments, while the wet environment (high temperature and humidity) is the fundamental cause.

  2. The main raw materials of garment are cotton, linen, leather, silk, wool, and chemical fiber etc. They contain high moisture content, and easy to absorb water.

  For example, the leather generally contains more than 14% moisture content, some even 18%. When the moisture content above 12%, there is a mildew risk.

  3. The oil stain, sweat, dust on the clothes are also easy to lead to bacterial and mould.

  4. Improper storage probably causes your clothes damage.

  If your clothes are not completely dried but storage quickly, then, it is particularly easy to get mildewed. The basic requirements for storage are ventilation, cool, dry, and avoid sunlight exposure. The methods vary according to different clothes. When season change coming , before collect up the off-season clothes, you'd better wipe the collar, cuffs, lapel clean by water or little alcohol solution. It must be fully dry before stacked up and storage.If leather clothes got mildewed, use a towel dipped with soapy water to wipe clean the spot, after be fully dried, coat some jacket oil.

  5. It is necessary to check your cabinets, clothing storage container etc. In good weather and leisure days, open the closet door, clean the mildew, and especially check the corners. Keep the wardrobe dry and ventilated .It is very easy to get mildewed in South China rainy days .It is necessary to take precautions, like put some desiccant, moisture absorber box into the closet, wardrobe, cabinet in advance. Put some newspaper on the bottom cupboard.

  6. For large numbers of clothing manufactures 、exporters, neglecting moisture prevention will very likely to get loss.

  Finished clothes are put into the carton box, and then transported across ocean by sea containers. During the transportation, they encountered the container rain that excess vapors drop onto the cartons or along the container wall, because of huge temperature and humidity change, causing damage and mildew. As we all known, China is a big trading country. According to General Administration of Customs statistics, from January to August, 2016, China's textile and apparel exports amount is nearly 180 billion US dollars. Every year, the damage loss because of moisture is huge. So it is very necessary to take precautions measures. Please use container desiccant to hanging at the container wall to absorb the vapors. You need also use small desiccant bags in your carton box so as to protect your garments, cartons from moisture damage. Actually, desiccant bags is very useful in absorb moisture. My suggestion is do not forget them when you are ready to transport across the sea.