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Causes of cake mildew

Source:Editor:PV:-Date:2020-11-25 11:26【L M S

  Moldy is the most common quality problem of cakes. Moldy cakes will not only bring huge economic losses to the enterprise, but also damage our health if eaten with moldy cakes, especially when these molds produce toxic toxins. . So, what are the reasons for cake mildew? Let us take a look!

  The ingredients of the cake are sugar, flour, eggs, oil, etc. The nutrients of these raw materials are easily utilized by microorganisms. If some key points are not strictly checked, the cake is prone to mildew. The reasons for cake moldy are as follows. In order to extend the shelf life of cakes, the key is to start with the following points.

  1. Poor staff hygiene control

  Personnel did not do a good job of disinfection during the production process, and personal hygiene (such as keeping long fingernails, direct contact with food without disinfection, no washing and disinfection after toilet, etc.) was not well controlled.

  2. Poor hygiene control of the production environment

  The tools and utensils that directly contact the food are not sterilized, and the packaging room and cooling room are not thoroughly sterilized by ultraviolet or ozone, which can easily cause secondary pollution of cakes and cross-contamination of raw and cooked foods.

  3. The moisture and water activity of the cake are too high

  The growth of microorganisms requires a certain amount of water and water activity. Appropriately reducing the water and water activity of the cake can reduce the chance of mold growth.

  At room temperature, the relationship between water activity and microorganisms:

  When the water activity is greater than 0.9, the microorganisms in the product can easily grow and multiply;

  When the water activity is between 0.85 and 0.9, most microorganisms are easier to grow and reproduce;

  When the water activity is between 0.80 and 0.85, most microorganisms will be affected; only some molds can grow and reproduce, such as some penicillium and Trichoderma;

  When the water activity is between 0.60 and 0.80, most bacteria and fungi will be affected, and only a few fungi such as yeasts can grow and reproduce slowly.

  4. The choice of packaging bags is not scientific

  The packaging bag should be selected with low moisture permeability and oxygen permeability to avoid the influence of moisture and oxygen in the environment in the later stage of the packaged cake.

  5. There is no reasonable choice of food deoxidizer

  Reasonable selection of food deoxidizers of appropriate specifications and models can provide a powerful guarantee for preventing cake mold and extending the shelf life of cakes.