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Why should used Oxygen absorber in ham sausage?

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  Ham sausage is a cooked meat product with high protein content and rich nutrition. The shelf life of ham sausage is often shortened due to microbial or oxidation problems during transportation, sales and storage. After being contaminated by microorganisms, the protein in ham sausage is decomposed into small molecular substances, so that the product becomes sticky and tastes bad, the oil loses its protein protect, and the ham sausage is easier to separate out oil and water.

  At the same time, oxygen oxidizes grease, pigment and flavor, which makes the ham sausage discolor and lose its original quality and flavor, which directly affects the sales of products.

  Therefore, it is necessary to keep the ham sausage fresh and quality during transportation and sales.

  There are several effective ways to guarantee the quality of ham sausage:

  1) use high barrier packaging materials. such as PVDC composite material.

  2) Add preservatives. Such as potassium sorbate, sodium D- erythorbate, sodium nitrite, nisin, lysozyme, etc.

  3) Preservation at low temperature.

  4) Use Oxygen absorber.

  Although high barrier packaging material can reduce oxygen permeability to a greater extent, it can not completely isolate oxygen from penetrating into food packaging; Adding preservatives can prolong the shelf life of food to a certain extent, but it can not fundamentally solve the problem of food oxidation, and the safety of preservatives will be questioned by consumers; Cryopreservation is an effective means to preserve the quality of ham sausage, but the cost of cryopreservation is very high during transportation and supermarket shelf. Therefore, the combination of food deoxidizer and high barrier packaging material is an effective and low-cost way to keep fresh.

  Food deoxidizer can effectively inhibit the growth of aerobic microorganisms in ham sausage, solve the problems of stickiness and discoloration, maintain the flavor of products, prolong the shelf life and improve the economic value of products.

  At present, many kinds of food in the market are packaged in plastic cans. Compared with traditional soft packaging bags, the food packaged in plastic cans is more beautiful and elegant in appearance, and the products are more upscale. At the same time, the protection of internally packaged food is more advantageous than that of ordinary soft packaging in the process of transportation and sales. Therefore, the food packaged in plastic is more common, such as nuts, cakes and candies.

  When using oxygen absorber in plastic canned food, manufacturers usually find such a problem: How did the plastic packaging cans of food deform?

  When general oxygen absorber is used in sealed plastic tank, oxygen in plastic tank will be absorbed by deoxidizer, which accounts for about 21% of the air volume in the tank. When oxygen in the tank is absorbed by deoxidizer, the air pressure in the tank will decrease. When the strength of plastic tank is not enough to resist the external air pressure, the plastic tank will shrink and deform.

  In solving the problem of plastic tank deformation, some manufacturers will use some wrong methods, such as deliberately punching a hole in the sealed tank membrane, or using a deoxidizer with a small model that can not even absorb oxygen. Although this method solves the problem of plastic tank deformation, it has unusful on food preservation.

  quickly enter the tank, the deoxidizer will soon fail, the oxygen concentration in the tank will not drop, and the oxidation problem will still occur; When using a small-sized oxygen absorber, the oxygen concentration in the plastic tank does not decrease much, and the air pressure in the tank does not decrease much, so the plastic tank does not deform, but there is a large amount of oxygen in the tank, which definitely cannot solve the problem of food preservation. We often have the misconception that plastic tanks are deformed because the oxygen absorption capacity of the oxygen absorber is too great. In fact, under the condition of effective deoxidization of plastic tanks, the deformation here has no effect on the size of deoxidizer, because in sealed plastic tanks, the volume of oxygen is fixed, accounting for about 21% of the air volume in the tank, that is, the volume of oxygen in the tank is certain, whether it is an use larged or a small one.

  Not only put oxygen absorber in food packaging cans to keep fresh but also solve the problem of deformation of packaging cans. There are two methods: one is to increase the thickness and strength of packaging cans to resist the pressure caused by the decrease of air pressure in cans, which will inevitably increase the cost of packaging cans, and the strength of sealing film at the mouth of cans can not be fully guaranteed; Second, constant pressure deoxidizer is used, which can release carbon dioxide with the same volume of oxygen while absorbing oxygen. Although the cost of the product is much more expensive than that of ordinary deoxidizer, the increased cost is much lower than that of thicker plastic packaging cans. At the same time, this method can effectively extend the price period of the product, ensure the quality of food, and bring tangible benefits to manufacturers.