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Food Desiccant (Oil- Proof)

Product category:Silica gel desiccant
Type:anti-oil film food grade desiccant
Raw material:food grade silica gel bead
Packing material:Oil-proof OPP
Feature: oil and dust proof

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    Commonly used in nuts,roasted seeds,candies,biscuits,snow cake,preserved fruits,tea,puffed food,dried fish and shredded fish,seaweed,dry agricultural products and other foods with low water content.


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    Two main reason that affect food quality(1) oxidation (2)damp . Follow sunflower seeds as example, test the effect compare and analyze them from oxidation and damp.


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    1)oxidation:sunflower seeds change of peroxide value comparison chart:

    In Influence of oxygen, light, heat, etc., foods such as sunflower seeds will be oxidized and rancid, with peculiar smell, and the process of oxidation and rancidity will be faster in high temperature in summer. Under the influence of high temperature, the water in sunflower seeds can accelerate the hydrolysis reaction with fat to produce free fatty acids, among which short-chain fatty acids have strong odor (hydrolyzed taste). Food desiccant can control the environmental humidity in the packaging bag in a low humidity range, inhibit the hydrolysis and rancidity of fat, and alleviate the flavor deterioration of sunflower seeds. According《 GB19300-2014 National Standard for Food Safety,Nuts and Seed Products》, the peroxide value index of cooked sunflower seeds is ≤0.80g/100g, and the peroxide value reflects the content of peroxide, which is an intermediate product of rancidity. When its index exceeds the standard, it indicates that the product has begun to deteriorate due to rancidity. From the test results, the peroxide value of sunflower seeds without food desiccant exceeded the standard after four months storage, while sunflower seeds with food desiccant did not exceed the standard after six months storage, indicating that the application of desiccant can prolong the shelf life of products and better ensure the quality of products.

    sunflower seeds comparison of water content .jpg

    2)Moisture:  sunflower seeds comparison of water content (normal temperature)

    Seen from the test data,no food desiccant in the packaging bag of sunflower seeds,the moisture content increases rapidly month by month,and the sunflower seeds deteriorate directly after absorbing moisture. After placing food desiccant in the packaging bag,the moisture content increased much less than sunflower seeds without Desiccant after six month,and the product quality was still reliable.


    Chunwang food desiccant use superior silica gel raw material and has excellent moisture absorption; Under the conditions of temperature 25℃,in relative humidity 90%, its moisture absorption rate can reach 30% within 6 hours.



    Test Report

    Can provide FDA,REACH,DMF,RoHS,Silica gel moisture content and adsorption rate test report.


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    We promises to use high-quality raw materials, packaging materials,printing inks and produce products according to national standards, to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers on time, according to quality and quantity.




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    Food Grade Silica Gel Desiccant
    Food Grade Silica Gel Desiccant
    Type:Aiwa Paper Food Grade Desiccant
    Raw Material:Food Grade Silica gel bead
    Packing:15000/12000/7500/4500/3000 pcs/carton
    Packing material:Aiwa Paper
    Non-woven packaging silica gel desiccant
    Non-woven packaging silica gel desiccant
    Packing material: non-woven fabric
    Packaging material characteristics: good air permeability, tear resistance, low price
    Raw material:silica Gel
    Desiccant with indicator
    Desiccant with indicator
    Package material: wax paper
    Raw material: transparent silica gel desiccant + orange silica gel desiccant
    Indication method: after the moisture absorption is saturated, the indicator bead changes from orange to dark green
    Application: it is basically applicable to all articles

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