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Tea deodorant packet

Product category:Deodorant packet
Tea deodorant packet
Raw material:Tea powder
Packing material:Cotton paper
Weight:1g / 2g
Shelf life:24 months
Function:Absorbing moisture and bad smell and harmful gas
Usage:thermos, nursing bottles, textiles, leather products, rubber products, etc

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    Raw material

    This product is made from natural tea powder without adding synthetic fragrances, eco-friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and has excellent adsorption capacity.


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    High-quality packaging material

    The packaging material used in this product is highly breathable cotton paper, which has good air permeability and does not leak tea.


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    This product is widely used in thermos, nursing bottles, textiles, plush toys, handbags, leather products, color boxes, rubber products, etc


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