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Molecular sieve desiccant

Product category:Molecular sieve desiccant
Optional weight:1-500g
Type: 3A/4A/13x
Particle size:1-4(mm)
Raw material:Flokite

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    Molecular sieves are highly porous crystalline metal-alumino silicates. It has a uniform pore diameter and high specific surface area and other excellent features. It only adsorb those molecules smaller than the molecular sieve aperture, and has a rather strong water absorption capacity, even at a higher temperature, larger space velocity or large water content condition. It is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, natural gas and other industries.

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    Molecular sieve absorbs 18% to 22% of its own weight and can hold moisture to temperatures well past 450°F (230°C). Because of its high affinity for moisture, molecular sieve is able to bring the relative humidity in packages down as low as 10% RH.

    Chemical Formula

    Na2O.Al2O3.2.0SiO2 .4.5H2O






    1-2 mm & 1.7-2.5mm



    Bulk density

    ≥0.72 g/ml

    Rate of wear


    Compressive strength


    Static water adsorption


    Water content



    Adsorption rate

    Adsorption rate.jpg


    ◆Depth drying for air, gas, hydrocarbons, refrigerants gases and liquids;
    ◆Static drying in Pharmaceutical packaging, electronic components and other easy modification material;
    ◆Car brake ball.

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    Before using molecular sieve desiccant (4A), avoid pre-adsorbed water, organic gases or liquids, otherwise, it shall be renewable.

    Smartphone dry bag
    (Molecular sieve desiccant 60g)
    Inner size: 80 x 140 mm
    Outer size: 160 x 240 mm

    It widely used in smart phones , tablet PCs, smart watches and other electronic products, one of our customer Southern telecom companies to customize the molecular sieve desiccant pack 60g.

    Why Us?

    1)Chunwang desiccant has a good adsorption capacity.
    2)Chunwang has a full range of desiccant. Like silica gel, calcium chloride, clay, activated carbon, Molecular sieve. We always pursue that give a better solution for customer. If your products are high-precision instruments, we suggest you use Montmorillonite clay, not silica gel.
    3)We always insist that quality win a customer. We had a strict raw material selecting procedure.
    4)For almost 2 decades committements makes a  good quality and reputation .
    5)Chunwang desiccant comply with Mil-D-3464E, GJB2714, and DMF free, RoHS, REACH.
    6)Chunwang Company has passed the BSCI Audits, Watson Audits, ISO9001, ISO14001 etc.

    Our customers

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