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Oxygen absorber

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Food Antistaling Agent

Product category:Oxygen absorber
Other Spec:HP-25、HP-30、HP-50、HP-100、HP-150、HP-200、HP-250
Size: 40x 40 mm
Raw materials:Edible alcohol, Citric acid, Paper sheet.

    Brief Introduction

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    ◆Using paper as the carrier which is pre-processed with the liquid of alcohol and citric acid,the antistaling sheet has the features of high anti-bacterial and mildew-proof performance, strong adaptability to using conditions and cutting-edge technology. It is an ideal antistaling solution for food.

    Working Principle:The antistaling sheet is able to give off gradually antistaling substance which will then form around the food in the package an invisible protective layer. The invisible protective layer can prevent from and kill a variety of mold, bacteria and other putrefying bacteria. Meanwhile, it can help keep the food fresh by absorbing free water in food to reduce the water activity which is a main factor affecting the shelf life of food.



    1)Pastry:bread, cake and noodle etc.;

    2)Dried Seafood:sliced fish, sliced eel, shredded squid and abalone etc.;

    3)Dried Meat: sliced beef, sliced pork and sausage etc.;

    4)Dried Fruit:longan, lychee, wolfberry and date etc.,

    5)Others:dried seaweed and mushrooms etc.

    Usage:Just put together food and the antistaling sheet of suitable type in the same packaging and then seal the packaging.

    Antistaling Sheet Type

    ①Suggest selecting applicable type per water activity or water content in food(example: water content < 25%; water activity around 0.8)









    Applicable Weight of Food(g)

    25 and below







    ②Please select the greater type to ensure the effect if more than one type applies to the same food per water activity and water content;

    ③The effect of alcohol antistaling sheet varies, depending on the food type and storing conditions (including container size, possibility of getting contaminated and temperature etc.); please select the most suitable one per your actual scenario;

    ④Please select the greater type if your company intends to store food for a long time.


    1)High Safety

    ①Using paper sheet as carrier to avoid product leakage contaminating food;

    ②Food grade paper sheet and packing materials used plus passing toxicology testing guarantees high safety;

    ③Edible alcohol used in chunwang antistaling sheet is made with superior quality grain. Its aroma is purer than most other edible alcohol on the market, which can greatly offset the interference of alcohol on food;

    ④Citric acid enhances the anti-bacteria and antistaling performance.

    2)Obvious Antistaling Effect

    Unlike normal deoxidizing agents which are only effective on aerobic bacteria, the antistaling sheet is effective on both aerobic bacteria such as mold and 100 kinds of anaerobic bacteria such as yeast, bacillus coli, staphylococcus, salmonella and botulinum toxin etc. Therefore, its antistaling ability is above all other existing antistaling products.

    It can extend the shelf life of food for about 5 to 20 times

    3)Low Cost and Strong Adaptability in Application

    ①The chunwang antistaling sheet can be put into the packaging made of normal materials like OPP and OPP/PE while deoxidizing agents require the materials of high performance in air-blocking. The application of chunwang antistaling sheet does not involve complicated checking process and costly testing equipment to ensure airtightness either. Thus, its application can help reduce the cost in packaging, raise packing efficiency and bring about the great price Vs. performance ratio. Moreover, it won’t make the packaging shrink and has no problem in passing the metal detector.

    Instance: the packing cost of using normal deoxidizing agents for moon cake will increase 15-30% than using the chunwang antistaling sheet with OPP packing because deoxidizing agents have to be used together with oxygen indicator and airtightness-checking device which are a considerable sum of cost. Therefore, the antistaling sheet can help enterprises in cutting down packing cost and enhance the competitiveness of their products.

    ②Normal deoxidizing agents shall easily lose effect in a short period (15-20 days generally) and food go moldy if the packaging of food is not sealed tight enough such as small holes or uneven seal. The antistaling sheet won’t have these issues as long as the packaging is relatively sealed.

    4)Customization and Antistaling Solution for Food

    Offer professional analysis on the factors causing food going rotten; provide packaging design suggestion and cost breakdown based on the storing requirements for various kinds of food; and customize antistaling agent


    1)Please select before use the right type of antistaling sheet based on the category, moisture content, water activity and packaging size of food;

    2)The applicable packaging that can be used with antistaling sheet includes OPP/PE, OPP/CPP, KNY/PE, OPP monomer and KOP/PE while NY/PE, CPP monomer and PE monomer are not recommended for being used as packaging in this case;

    3)The antistaling sheet is volatile; please try to make sheets as tightly piled up as possible when using so that the effectiveness of the sheet would not exhaust in a short time;

    4)Please use up all the antistaling sheets within 15 minutes after you open the packing, otherwise, please discharge the air in the packing soonest and reseal;

    5)The antistaling sheet is not recommended to be used with the food that could ooze fat, for the food fat will easily cover up the surface of the sheet, preventing it from functioning;

    6)Please pay great attention to keep the antistaling sheet away from flame due to its edible alcohol content; please store and use it in the cool and ventilated place;

    7)The antistaling sheet could slightly affect the flavor of the food due to its edible alcohol content;

    8)The antistaling sheet is non-toxic, but please do not eat.

    Storage and Shelf Life

    ◆Please keep the antistaling sheet sealed and away from sunshine and fire. Please do not press in case the packing broke.

    ◆Shelf Life:1 year


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    Oxygen Absorber (With Indicator)
    Oxygen Absorber (With Indicator)
    Product category: Oxygen Absorber (With Indicator)
    Raw materials:Iron powder、Activated carbon、Diatomaceous earth、Vermiculite、Sodium chloride、Water.
    Packing qty: 8,000pcs/6,000pcs/4,000pcs per carton
    Type: With Indicating line
    Printing: Chines&English
    Oxygen Absorber(Eye-Marked Type)
    Oxygen Absorber(Eye-Marked Type)
    Raw materials:Iron powder、Activated carbon、Diatomaceous earth、Vermiculite、Sodium chloride、Water.
    Packing qty: 10,000pcs/8,000pcs/6,000pcs/4,000pcs/3,000pcs/2,200pcs/2,000pcs/1,800pcs
    Type: high efficient general type
    Printing: Chines&English with Eye Mark
    External Control Antistaling agent
    External Control Antistaling agent
    Other Spec:50#、100#、150#、200#、250#
    Size: 40x 35 mm
    Raw materials:Edible starch、Silicon dioxide、 Edible alcohol

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