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DIN 55474

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  Calculation based on DIN 55474

  How to calculate the required number of drying agent units:

  n = 1/a • ( V • b + m • c + A • e • D • t )

  n = number of the drying agent units

  a = amount of water vapour to be adsorbed by drying agent unit according to the permitted final moisture content

  Final Moisture:

  20% RH a = 3 g

  40% RH a = 6 g

  60% RH a = 8 g

  e = correction factor with regard to the final moisture:

  for 20% RH e = 0.9

  for 40% RH e = 0.7

  for 60% RH e = 0.6

  v = volume inside the packaging in m³

  b = humidity content per m³ air subject to the temperature and relative humidity during the packing, i.e. at

  20°C and 85%RH b = 15g/m³.

  m = weight of the hygroscopic packing in kg

  c = factor for moisture content per gram of the hygroscopic packing aid subject to the dry condition for wood, paper and cardboard

  with an undefined moisture content c = 140

  with defined pre-desiccation c = 0

  A = surface of the barrier foil in m²

  D = water vapour permeability for the expected climate in g/m² D. Regulation in compliance with DIN 53122 or the information supplied by the barrier foil manufacturer.

  t = transport and storage time in t (days)